Our Mission

To design and build affordable net-positive energy homes, while building the leaders of tomorrow and educating the public to demand better for the environment.

Redesigning the unsustainable technologies of yesterday

Educating the public on how we can change our way of living

Supplying the world with the green leaders of tomorrow

Your Support

QSDT sincerely thanks all our sponsors, friends and family for their incredible generosity. Your support will bring us one step closer toward our goal of building a sustainable, energy-efficient home and will further our innovation with solar technology.

Want to Get Involved?

The Queen’s Solar Design Team is always looking for new members passionate about green living to join our multidisciplinary team.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our civil, mechanical, electrical, and architecture/design teams. Students from varying disciplines and levels of technical expertise are welcome to join.

Please email info@qsdt.ca for more information.